Community-based Tourism Model

As the project developed, Várzea started to draw the attention of people who wanted to contribute somehow, or to learn about the artisanship-related project. A Gente Transforma, in partnership with the Garupa Project and the Casa Grande Foundation, our partners for this stage, designed a model of community-based tourism with the purpose of bringing about this development, with autonomy.

Garupa Project

Off all things that show us the success of the A Gente Transforma project, the developments that unfold from our articulation are our best thermometer. Our role is precisely this: to design the flow of the network with the network that welcomes us.

As the project developed, Várzea started to draw the attention of people who wanted to contribute somehow. The community started to receive visitors who were curious about the project, or with complementary ideas, and the desire to welcome these people in their own homes came from the residents themselves. Projeto Garupa, our partner for this stage, helps the communities format capacity-building projects for them to develop with autonomy. In Várzea, they helped us create a beautiful and challenging community-based tourism program: the village learned how to host visitors in their homes and to manage the amounts received for their hospitality considering the integration of the community and the sharing of benefits. A planning and management exercise that is also facilitated by the Casa Grande Foundation, which already works with tourism with a purpose and a cultural objective for years, and which shared its knowledge.


As a result of the expedition, the team organized a workshop in March, in São Paulo, where the next steps of the project were defined. The project will be developed by A Gente Transforma, together with the Casa Grande Foundation and other partners that have already started to approach us:


During the second half of 2016, Várzea Queimada will receive the visit of a new group, to work on the implementation of the community’s first agroforestry project. Then, the residents hosting these guests will be able to apply the method of community-based tourism.

In 2017, new immersions are expected to take place, focusing on the identification of cultural references in order to organize Várzea Queimada’s Cultural Memorial.

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